Che Eyewear x Micky In The Van: Apricots for Eden

After a year-long hiatus, iconic Melbourne fashion designer Estelle Michaelides returned to Melbourne’s fashion scene with her recent Micky In The Van immersive salon show.

Held at an intimate private venue, Micky In The Van’s brand new collection ‘Apricots for Eden’ celebrated softly feminine fabrics in bold colours and prints, each rich with layers, texture,ruffles, bows and a vintage eclectic feel that’s at the heart of Estelle’s creations. Che Eyewear are honoured to have collaborated with Micky In The Van for their exclusive campaign shoot and salon show.

Highly anticipated by Melbourne’s fashion community, the ‘Apricots for Eden’ salon show was as much a performance as a ‘must-attend’ chic event, with designer Michaelides ‘live styling’ of each piece in real time before her captivated audience. Che Eyewear’s vintage frames were an essential element of each look, beautifully complemented by bespoke millinery from Serena Lindeman. It was truly inspiring to see glasses from our vintage collection morphed into high fashion by Estelle. In May’s Che Eyewer blog, we’re excited to present an array of campaign images from the ‘Apricots for Eden’ collection, captured by renowned Melbourne fashion photographer Meagan Harding and modelled by Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.

Enjoy browsing the latest pieces from Micky In The Van – and don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with designer  Estelle Michaelides in Che’s 20/20 client interview series. Would you like to have a pair of the vintage glasses featured in ‘Apricots for Eden’ in your own style wardrobe? Be sure to visit Che Eyewear and select your perfect pair.

Photograph by Meagan Harding

Photography by Meagan Harding

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